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Since 2003 year, gelon teams have been focusing on the battery industry.

We have accumulated 17+ years on lithium battery materials production,battery production and equipment production. Gelon is the first exporter of lithium ion battery turn-key project in China.

With our extensive experience and knowledge, we can provide our customers not only the premium products, but also the most professional service and technical support.

Enterprising, Responsible,Honest,Promising; Exhibit our Brand and Value by real business stories, Persuit of Better self in order to provide Better products and Better services to our customers.

We dedicate ourselves to one mission: Along with our customers, pushing the lithium battery technology moving forward and Simplify Lithium Ion Battery Solution For Our Customers.

Better product

Better service

Better self

Provide lithium ion battery solutions

Filling our wings with youth and tireless efforts, exploring better service and selves in every cooperation with customers,and slowly discover that this career is the basestone of our efforts and dreams, grateful parents. Grateful peaceful world,grateful progress technology, grateful opponents, grateful partners!let’s remember our dreams, and bloom in the scenery along the way. In addition to the nine-to-five, we must also walk through the misty rain of peaceful lake, years of mountains and rivers, everythings good are on the road, and we are always on the road.
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