USA customer Factory acceptance of Automatic stacking machine

This is the great and strong customer from USA.They ordered the automatic stacking machine for their lab research.They are also interested in the automatic die cutting machine and automatic Al-film forming machine.

Our US customer come to did the factory acceptance.Our machine passed the accpetance successfully and satisfied our customer.But tell the truth,the process was complicated.At the beginning,we had different understanding with our US customer for the "automatic" type machine.What's more,the battery separator from our customer are quite different with our local ones.Their separator are more easily to tore. So some details did not meet our customer's request at the beginning.So we modified some parts and design.Also our customers provided more instructions and guidance.Then our engineers did a lot of debugging for the machine.

Finally,everything is going well and our customer were satisfied.Even the production cost increased,but we got valuable advice from our customer and it will help us to do much better in future.

Choose us,We promise you. Thank you very much.