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Pouch Cells Preparation

Ultrasonic Spot Welder Specification PC750 For Lithium ion Battery Machine

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Product Details

1. Basic Function and Features:

Ultrasonic spot welder is using solid phase welding way, and the connection between weldment achieves by the high frequency elastic oscillation of acoustics system and the clamping effect from the static pressure between workpiece. The ultrasonic generator is a frequency conversion system,transfer the power current to oscillationg current of ultrasonic frequency,transducer which relys on the "piezoelectric effect" transfers the ultrasonic frequency electric energy which be fed from generator into mechanical vibration energy.The concentrator is used to enlarge the amplitude for coupling load,weldment is under the combined action of static pressure and elastic vibration energy,change the elastic oscillation energy to the frictional enengy,deformation energy and heat between the workpiece, resulting in the two workpieces surface form a layer of surface oxide film,thereby achieve the friction welding.When the different metal materials welding,it will form a hybrid molecule interface,produce the metallurgical welding.

A.Ultrasonic frequency auto tracking,adopts PLL frequency auto tracking technology,don’t need manual adjustable,simple and convenience.

B.Welding head and transducer matching well,high precision.

C.This machine has energy testing mold,auto remember and storage and compare each welding output,to guarantee the uniformity of welding quality.

D.Adjust amplitude stepless,don’t need to change the amplifier frequently.

E.The appearance of welding metal materials and the stability of welding effect is more excellent,good conductive,resistance factor close to zero.

The welding metal materials has metallic character of without fusion and fragile.

2. Specs:

A. Components:Transducer,amplifier, welding head and below module pueumatic parts, ultrasonic generator and etc.

B. Technical Specs:

(1)Max Output Power:750W

(2)Ultrasonic Frequency:40KHz

(3)Input Power: 220V/ 50Hz

(4)Air Supply: ≥0.5MPa

(5)Control Way:CPU

(6)Max Operating Stroke of the Up Pole:15mm

(7)Welding Time: 0.05~1S

(8)Welding Capacity:Cu foil+Ni strip

(9)Welding Head Pattern:three welding head up and down(3mm*4mm)could be ordered

(10)Welding requests:

The welding head,welding module life should be not less than six hundred thousand,and be maked sure the welding quality when changing-over the tag thickness.The joint should be full and clear,shallow be moderate,center location,joint position should not be broken.

(11)Machine should fully consider operator’s safety,there is no accident when operating by the rule.