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Li-ion Battery Pilot Equipment

Turntable type double side heating Vacuum sealing machine GN-DGZ-4001

This equipment is Suitable for packaging and sealing middle-sized softly packaged lithium ion battery cells in the vacuum conditions following liquid injecting and other steps.Electrolyte separation mechanism.
Product Details

Turntable type double side heating Vacuum sealing machine GN-DGZ-4001


This equipment is Suitable for packaging and sealing middle-sized softly packaged lithium ion battery cells in the vacuum conditions following liquid injecting and other steps.Electrolyte separation mechanism.

Upper sealing head and cutter can apart from vacuum cavity,and convenient to maintain,Have the output statistic, be manual& automatic.

Alarming for the malfunction


l Voltage input :AC220v/50Hz

l Power:1800w

l Cells size :250*320*10mm

l Head length :<330mm