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Battery Test Equipment

Super-capacitor battery tester with labeled

Product Features: 1、It is designed for testing of Super-capacitor battery. 2、Modular design,you can selec 1~8 independent channels to form a testing system. 3、Each channel can be arbitrarily set as constant current charge and discharge mode,constant vo
Product Details

Super-capacitor battery tester with labeled "fast sampling" 10 point per sec



labeled "fast sampling"

Current range:(A)


Voltage range:(V)


Contents of step

Constant current charge and discharge,  constant voltage charge , constant power/ resistance discharge,DC internal resistance test, rest

Conditions of constraints

time, voltage, current, capacity, - △ V ,etc. nearly 20 kinds

Protection modes

overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, undercurrent,overcapacity, etc.

Programming steps:

unlimited (no less than 200 steps)

Number of test channels


Input impedance

≥1 MΩ

Output mode

four electrode

Voltage accuracy

0.1%RD±0.1%FS(control and measurement)

Current Accuracy

0.1%RD±0.1%FS(control and measurement)

Constant power /resistance accuracy


Voltage resolution

5 significant figures (automatic)

Current resolution

5 significant figures (automatic)

Power supply