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Pouch Cells Preparation

Slitting Machine (Max.500mm Width) for Electrodes of Pouch Battery

Function:The equipment is used in slitting the pasted electrodes-plates of rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The substrate of electrode-plat
Product Details

I Function

The equipment is used in slitting the pasted electrodes-plates of rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The substrate of electrode-plate is steel belt or copper belt. The verge of the cut plate is tidy, size of cut plate is of high precision, and the slit plates loss no powder, so the equipment is the important one in processing the electrodes-plates.

II Technical Data

1、 Power1.1KW, 380V

2、 DiaΦ84mm

3、 Speed10m/min

4、 Slitting Precision±0.05mm

5、 Max Slitting Size500mm

6、 Slitting QuantityAccording to User’s Battery Technology(Standard size above 35mm)

7、 Set a slitting knife at random.

8、 QualityTidy, No Burr.

9、 Dimension: 880×620×950mm

III Main Processes:

Cutting Big Sheet→Slitting small sheet→Collecting Sheet.