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Cylinder Cells Preparation

Single Point Pneumatic Welding Machine for Cylinder Cell Assembling GN-330A

Product Details

GN-330A Precise Pneumatic Single Point Welding Machine is specifically designed for professional Li-on Battery Research. It is mainly used for welding the cylinder core negative terminal (Nickel tab) to the bottom of the cylinder case. 90mm welding needle can easily insert into the cylinder case and weld the bottom. This machine is controlled by microcontroller,  which is very easy to operate and can provide stable performance.

Design feature

1.Unique Photoelectric switch design

2.Good appearance, small size and light weight

3.Welding spot looks beautiful,free spark, stable welding current


Power Supply

220-240V, Single Phase 50/60Hz

Max. Power


Welding Current


Welding Thickness

0.03 - 0.25mm

Operation Temperature

-20 - 40℃


Controlled by microcontroller,achieve monopulse, dipulse, mutiple-pulse welding


Pressure applied on the welding needle can be adjusted independently and easy to operate