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Li-ion Battery Pilot Equipment

Sealing Machine for Cylindrical Cases (Optional:32650, 26650, 18650)

This 18650 automatic linear seal machine(pre-sealing, sealing, seal pier,) adopts electronic detection and PLC control system, to do battery pre-sealed, sealing and seal pier, with high efficiency, high performance, simple operation and reliable character
Product Details

Sealing Machine for Cylindrical Cases (Optional:32650, 26650, 18650)

1. Electricity supply:

the standard is 3 phase 5 wire, AC380v±10% 50Hz

2. Technical characteristic

Automatic finish feeding,materials in, pressing covers,

Pre-sealing, sealing,sealing pier and materials out,etc.

Sealing production efficiency: 80-90 pcs/minute and run stable.

Suitable batteries: Ni-Mh cylinder cell, Ni-Cad cylinder cell.

Simple operation,strong automatic protective circuit,and convenient adjustment

The die’s structure as following picture,is easy to change different models,to save costs: