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Li-ion Battery Pilot Equipment

Pressure Controlled Electric Rolling Machine for Battery Electrode DYG-703A-400*

This type of roller press dedicated to small-scale lithium electrode film roll process, using 3phase 380V power supply, suitable for the use of universities and companies pilot line. The equipment consists of high hardness pressure reducer motor-driven r
Product Details

Pressure Controlled Electric Rolling Machine for Battery Electrode DYG-703A-400*400

This type of roller press dedicated to small-scale lithium electrode film roll process, using 3phase 380V power supply, suitable for the use of universities and companies pilot line.

The equipment consists of high hardness pressure reducer motor-driven roller, mechanical adjustment roller gap, pole piece will be made Compression molding increased the density of the pole piece of quality.

Using the industry's leading heating system and PID temperature control system, rapid heating, uniform temperature control accuracy, when the temperature reached, it can thermostat automatically.

1.Rated voltage/power: 3phase  380v/6.7kw.

2.Pressure roller size: Φ400mm×400mm.

3.The roll surface hardness:HRC62.

4.Cylindrical roller degree: ≤±0.005mm.

5.Effective gap: 0-2 mm (adjustable).

6.Working speed: stepless speed, line speed 0-1.5 m/min (adjustable).

7.The working width: 0-- 350mm.

8.The roll surface quenching depth: 12-14mm.

9.Net weight: approx 3300kg

10.Overall size: approx 1750 (L) ×750(W) ×1750(H) mm.