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Coin Cells Preparation

Penumatic Disc Cutter with 3 - 24mm Dia Cutting Die

Disc Cutter Punching Machine
Product Details

GN-CPM20  is a cylinder driven die cutter for cutting coin cell cathode/anode electrodes and separator. Its compact design enables the operation inside a glove box with Ar atmosphere where moisture/oxygen-sensitive electrodes will be cut Equiping different die can be used for punching and falling on thin sheet material, Suitable for 0.005 ~ 0.5mm thickness of the lithium battery electrode material punching.

Optional die size: Ф3~Ф24mm

Stamping stroke: 25 mm;

Size (L X W X H) (mm): L110 × W160 × H230mm;

It can be easily placed into a glove box with a transition chamber diameter larger than 200mm