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Cathode Materials

Micropore Aluminum Foil for lithium ion battery research

Product Details

Product performance and use: The new current collector, the secondary processing on the basis of the original lithium battery foil, using mechanical processing to make holes, can maximize the physical and chemical properties of the foil itself.

Technical Parameters:

Thickness (um)


Total Width (mm)


Punching Width(mm)


Pore Diameter(mm)


Interval (mm)


Energy Density

Reduced weight after punching (equivalent area foil, weight reduction of 17%).At the same time, it can accommodate more positive and negative materials, which can increase the energy density by 3.5%-8% compared with the existing foil.

Rate Capability


The two-layer coating material of the current collector forms a whole, the electrolyte can be fully wetted, and the lithium ion migration path is changed from two-dimensional diffusion mode to stereoscopic longitudinal complement, and lithium ion migration efficiency is improved.

Cycle Life


The pole piece made of microporous foil forms a complete "work" type occlusion between the front and back sides to prevent the electrode material from falling off after long-term charge and discharge, thereby effectively improving battery life.

Safety Performance


Lithium dendrite is one of the culprit causing lithium-ion battery safety accidents. Lithium ions on both sides of microporous current collector can play a self-balancing effect due to the presence of micropores, which can effectively alleviate the phenomenon of lithium deposition caused by uneven coating and improve safety.