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Pouch Cells Preparation

Manual Winding Machine for lithium pouch battery making JR-05

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Product Details


1) Outline

The equipment is used to wind the small prismatic battery blocks, also used to wind the inner cores of electronic components.

The main axle of equipment turns electrically, the winding speed varies with the variation of frequency, it draws the needle and unload matenids pneumatically and is easy to operate. The winded products are of uniform tightness, tidy; and the winded blocks lose little powder.

2) Technical parameters

1) Power supply: 220V, 50HZ

2) Power consumption: About 60W

3) Air consumption: 0.05m3/min

4) Pressure: 0.20.4 Mpa

5) Rotation speed of main axle: 0100rpm, it can be adjustable and varies with the variation of frequency.

6) Winding diameter:ф50

7) Max winding width: 60mm

8) Outer dimension: 900×550×1300mm