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Li-ion Battery Pilot Equipment

Lithium ion battery lab coating machine

This equipment is mainly used for lithium battery electrode in the production process slurry drying process, is mainly used in the experiments ,using this technology can replace the original production of hand-scraped pulp, oven drying operations, and
Product Details

Lithium ion battery lab coating machine

This equipment is mainly used for lithium battery electrode in the production

process slurry drying process, is mainly used in the experiments ,using this technology

can replace the original production of hand-scraped pulp, oven drying operations, and

improve the uniformity and scrape pulp drying efficiency is indispensable equipment

for mass production.

1.Coating roller:Length 360mm, Dia:100mm

2. Drying box: Length2m*1part=2m

3. Heating method:Hot air cycle

4. Unwinding and rewinding: Auto rewinding,auto unwinding(with friction strength)

5. Mechanical speed:Max 1m/min

6. Coating speed≤0.5m/min

7. Temperature:Room temperature-150℃ adjustable

8. Heating zone: 1 zone;

9. Transversal testing precision:±0.003mm