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Pouch Cells Preparation

Lithium battery pouch sealer for pouch cells/ top and side sealing machine

more than ten years experience to offer lithium ion battery R&D equipments, battery Lab line for pouch/ coin/18650 cells. and design different Lab/pilot/mass production line for customer, and offer full set of materials for lithium ion battery production 
Product Details

Compact Heating Sealer for Sealing Laminated Aluminum Case of Pouch Cells - GN-140

GN-140 is a compact heating sealer for sealing aluminum-laminated films during pouch cell (polymer Li-Ion cell) case preparation. It can prepare the pouch cell for the injection of electrolyte by sealing the side and top of the pouch cell with tab.




Power Supply

220V 50/60Hz Single Phase

Sealing Length

190 mm Max.

Sealing Width

3.2 mm

Sealing Thickness

0.19 - 0.3 mm

Max. Power


Sealing Pressure

0.5 - 0.7 MPa (0 - 99 psi) adjustable
(2 gallon air compressor is required, but not included . pls order at your store or the related product below )

Sealing Temperature

50 - 300 °C adjustable with controlling accuracy +/-2 °C

Sealing Blade Type

Soft sealing blade (blade with rubber, good for Al case sealing and case with tab in between)

Air Consumption

0.09 L / Sealing

Heating Timer

0 - 99 Seconds Adjustable


One Year limited warranty with lifetime support