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Cylinder Cells Preparation

Hydraulic Crimping Machine for Cylindrical Cases (Optional32650, 26650, 18650, C

GN-510M series is a compact hydraulic crimper for sealing all types of cylinder cases in battery R&D labs. The compact body design allows it to be easily placed inside a glove box and thus preventing contamination of the electrolyte materials during cell assembly. Simple operation with safety protection feature allows customers to master the sealing procedure within 5 minutes.
Product Details

Driving Force

Manual hydraulic pressingupto 5T

Pressure Gauge

0-3500 psi (0-250 kg/cm^2)


Stainless Steel

Crimping Dies

standard die selectable: 18650 / 26650 / 32650


CE certified


One year limited with lifetime support

Parts rusted without regular cleaning and maintenance are not covered

Product Dimensions

235mm(L) x 190mm(W) x 360mm(H)

Application Notes

Customized die for other cylindrical cell types is available upon request

Each type of cylinder cell can only be sealed specifically by certain model of equipment. Please select the type of cylinder cell in the Product Options drop box to check the model number and price for the corresponding crimping die of each cylinder cell type

Net Weight

40 kg