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Li-ion Battery Pilot Equipment

Electrolyte Filling Machine with Vacuum Chamber and PLC Touch Panel Control

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Product Details


1. Rack: Stainless steel and aluminium alloy

2. Head: Vacuum injection

3. Injection volume: 0-50 ML (0 – 174 ml, optional)

4. Injection accuracy: ± 1%

5. Battery specifications: Customer specified

6. Production speed: According to the normal injection procedures, it is expected to complete the electrolyte injection within 1 minute, the machine's total production rate of about 1 per minute.

7. Power supply: 220V AC

8. Compressed air supply: 75 PSI

9. Vacuum: provided by the customer

10. Electrolyte filling cycle (to be controlled by touch screen): 1 - 40

11. Cell dimension: Maximum dimension: 300 mm(H) x 80 mm(T) x 200 mm(W)

12. Vacuum holding time: ≤ 5 mins

13. Electrolyte storage tank: 3 Liter

14. Components: Pneumatic control valves, SMC Pneumatic control valve module

15. Controller: PLC Controller, colour touch screen configuration.

16. Purging: Flushing solvent tanks and three-way reversing valve for input.

17. Piping: PFA Plastic pipes