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Pouch Cells Preparation

Compact Vacuum Pre-sealer for Pouch Cell Battery

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Product Details

GN-VPS300 compact vacuum sealer for sealing aluminum-laminated case in glove box after injection of electrolyte into pouch Li-ion cell or after formation for final seal (polymer Li-Ion cell). Heatable sealer blade is built into the chamber.


*Cavity is made of aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion,firm structure;

*Vacuum degree can reach to -90Kpa0(adjustable)(without vacuum pump);

*sealing head temp.: normal temp.250℃, temp. adjustable;

*Temp Accuracy : ±2℃;

*heat sealing pressure: 57Kg/cm2 adjustable;

*heat sealing time: 099second adjustable;

*sealing width: 5mm;

*max sealing size: 300mm;

*gas consumption: about 0.2L compressed gas/every time sealing.

*Air compressor working speed: ≥180time/h

*Power: use 500w heating tube, power consumption is about 1KW when heating.

*Power: 220V/50Hz;

*compressed air source: 0.50.7Mpa;

Contour size of the unit(s)

*Overall dimensions: work department about :620mm*485mm*435mm;

        control box: 420mm*325mm*225mm

*Weight: about 70Kg