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Li-ion Battery Pilot Equipment

Compact Heating Sealer for Sealing Laminated Aluminum Case of Pouch Cells top an

This sealer is a compact heating sealer for sealing aluminum laminated films during pouch cell (polymer Li-Ion cell) case preparation.It can prepare the pouch cell for the injection of electrolyte by sealing the side and top of the pouch cell with tab.
Product Details

Compact Heating Sealer for Sealing Laminated Aluminum Case of Pouch Cells top and side GN-DF-300

This sealer is a compact heating sealer for sealing aluminum laminated films during pouch cell (polymer Li-Ion cell) case preparation.

It can prepare the pouch cell for the injection of electrolyte by sealing the side and top of the pouch cell with tab.

Air source :>0.6Mpa ,3L/min

Power AC220v1.5kw

Sealing head length :300mm

Sealing width :2-12mm

Sealing thickness :0.19-0.3mm

Production capacity :100-350 ea/h