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Battery Test Equipment

Battery Formation and Grading Testing System GN-512

Suitable for the formation and capacity division of polymer Li-ion battery.  Each device consists of 16 groups, double side structure, 8 groups for each side, and 32 batteries for each group, the entire device can test 512 signal polymer Li-ion batter
Product Details

Main Technical Parameters:
l Voltage Measuring Range: 0.1-5V,resolution 1mV;
l Voltage Measuring Accuracy: ±( 0.1﹪ RD+0.1﹪ FS);
l The range of discharging in voltage: 5V-2V,resolution 1mV;
l Constant Voltage setting Range: DC 2.5-4.5V;
l Current Range:0-2A,resolution 1mA,The current is continuously controlled by
program ;
l Current setting accuracy: ±( 0.2﹪ RD+0.2﹪ FS);

Current Measuring Accuracy: ±( 0.2﹪ RD+0.2﹪ FS);
l Range of time: 0-9999min/process steps;;
l Source supply: 220 V ±10% / 50 Hz;
l Power: 8300 W
l Mode of communication: RS485,baud rate 57600bit;
l Size: 1450mm(W)×380mm(D)×1700mm(H).