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Li-ion Battery Pilot Equipment

Automatic Grooving Machine and gluing for Cylinder cell

It is used for grooving various cylindrical cases including 18650 26650, 32650 .Customized die for other cylindrical cell types is available upon request .
Product Details

Automatic Grooving Machine and gluing for Cylinder cell

Basic working principle and application

1)this machine is used for grooving and coating oil inner of cases for cylinder cells. To coat a layer of special sealing glue, to improve the cylindrical battery leakage and sealing performance, the whole process of feeding, grooving, and gluing are operated automatically, high efficiency.

2This machine is adopted the automatic feeding plate, import Japanese THK linear guide, Panasonic PLC, Germany SIKO sensor, and so on ,cooperate to achieve stability and accuracy of this machine.

Technical parameter

1)rated power:375W

Rated voltage: 3 phase,380V  50Hz

2)working pressure: more than 4.5Kgf/cm2

3)suitable batteries :

D and C cylinder NI-MH battery

4)production efficiency: 50-60pcs/minute around

5)size: L 1100mm x W 600mm x H 1400mm