Provide a complete set of solutions for lithium batteries
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Customer Background
Axx Technology Company
Axx Technology Company, we have been cooperating with it's subsidiary corporation Y-Company from 2010, and maintain the good relationship continuously. Until 2018, we have been cooperating with Axx Technology Company.
Project Purpose
Seven Processes
Automatic sealing line for pouch cell,the process include cutting, folding, ironing, testing,second measuring, OCV sorting, welding&sealing.
power ahead
of the competition
Plan Finalization Process
  • Oct 2018, we get stared discussion and design the proposal to customer, at the meanwhile customer came to factory to test and check the proposal is workable or not.
  • Until July 2019, we went to Y-company to confirm the final proposal and quotation.
  • Signed the contract in Sep September 2019.
  • In Feb 2020, customer need to expand production line so we signed a supplementary contract.
Project Overview
Video Demo
Production Flow:
Solder Package Wire

A. Positive spot welding glue, Negative spot welding glue, feeding by automatic conveyor belt for bare cells, punching of aluminum plastic film, folded end cutting of aluminum plastic film, bare cell into the shell, top side sealing, short circuit Testing, side trimming, corner pre-packaging, discharging, etc.

B. Process Flow Diagram

Production Process
Pre-production Stage
Installation And Debugging
We sent 18 engineers totally to Thailand in Mar. 2021 to install this line at site.
We finished installation in May and finished trial running in July and delivered it to Axx technology company .
And then we leave 3 engineers to train the operators.
Installation Process
Installation is complete
Production line level
Specific Parameters