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Cylinder Cells Preparation

26650 Cylinder Cell Case and Anti-Explosive Cap with Insulation O-ring - GN-Lib

18650 battery cell cases Case: 26mm(OD) x 25.5mm(ID) x 68mm(H) Top Cap: 25.5mm(D) x 5mm(H)
Product Details
Dimensions (Dia x Height)
  • Case: 26mm(OD) x 25.5mm(ID) x 68mm(H)
  • Top Cap:25.5mm(D) x 5mm(H)
  • case and cap made of  Nicke plated A3 steel and seal O-ring made of nylon
  • 18.75 g/pcs
  • Safety valve's open pressure: 2.8MPa (the cap valve will open to release interior high pressure if over 2.8MPa to ensure no explosion from the can)