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Pouch Cells Preparation

180mm coating width Laboratory continuous coating machine with three ovens

Equipment name GN-C-180  li-ion battery continuous coating machine(be suitable for lab) Technical note: This coating machine is used in laboratory coating
Product Details

1Equipment name

GN-C-180 li-ion battery continuous coating machinebe suitable for lab

2technical note

This coating machine is used in laboratory coating,the electrode thickness can be controlled by user。heating box length:2m,one of the heating box can heating the electrode by blast blower(there are three temperature area can be set different temperature);the inner carriage used stainless steel material。gas swelling axles are used in front and back winding and rewinding axle,and the tension control system used a magnetic powder clutch,the rectify deviation system used photo electricity system。

3.technical parameters:

a) coating width:0—180mm(adjustable);

b) coating form:continuous single side coating;

c) coating speed:0—3m/min;

d) coating thickness: 0.050mm-0.300mm;

e) Max. coating thickness error <0.02mm;

f) Coating material:copper foil ,aluminium foil;

g) power:20kw;power supply:220V 60HZ;

h) winding and unwinding axle:3inch machinery expand axle;

i) Max. drying temperature:180℃;

j) coating roll material quality:40Gr。

k) Equipment size:3500×900×1300mm(L×W×H)。

4.main composition

1) Unwinding device:using a ∮3 inch mechanical expand axle to fix the foil material;

2) Coating hopper:using a Coating hopper like funnel,the material is 304 stainless steel,the coating hopper width can be adjusted;

3) coating roll and scraper:using 40Gr finish machining,the gap can be adjust,adjustable range :0.050mm-0.500mm

4) heating box:three warming area in the coating machine,all the warming area can be independently adjusted and the circulate wind is designed。

5) exhaust emission: the exhaust produced in coating process can be let off from a ∮100mm pipe(the pipe should be prepared by user),and the diameter of the equipment exhaust piping connector is 100mm。

6) rewinding:launched by single phase alternating current machine,and the speed can be adjusted,adjustable range :0-3m/min。

7) rewinding rectify deviation: photo electricity rectify deviation system;

8) control system:be equipped with starting、cut off、scram press-button